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How can we track gospel saturation? With a free tool like, we can encourage church members to pray for their neighbors while looking for opportunities to provide caring acts of kindness that develop and deepen relationships. Relationships can lead to gospel sharing conversations followed by discipling new believers by teaching obedience to the commands of Christ resulting in the multiplication of disciples. leaders, groups and churches. 

Partner Churches can use to discover unreached neighborhoods and to see where saturation prayer and evangelism is taking place. 

As a partner church, you will have access to real time updates of your church members' progress in their neighborhoods, Train & Grow resources, and be able to launch an awareness campaign of your own to mobilize your members into action for the Kingdom. Get more info at

An association or denomination of churches can launch neighborhood, city, state and nationwide campaigns to foster a kingdom-focused, Pray, Care, Share lifestyle among church members. They'll become Lights in their neighborhood and their homes will become mission Outposts in the community! Sign up as an association at