A commonly observed problem within the local church is the inactive and disconnected member. For years, churches have become accustomed to maintaining what is often referred to as an inactive or non-resident membership role. It has been said that of the stated membership of churches and denominations, half cannot be found. While that might be a bit of an overstatement, there are a significant number of members who have become inactive. No one seems very certain regarding the actual number of unchurched and de-churched people across our land. According to Lifeway Research, total Southern Baptist Church membership in 2007 was 16,266,920; however, resident membership was 11,435,605, a difference of nearly five million. To further underscore this trend, the same research indicates that the median Southern Baptist Church membership that same year was 209, but resident membership was 147. It is estimated that the actual percentage of inactive formerly churched lies somewhere between 20-40 percent, and many churches are unwilling to do anything about this dilemma.

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