Church Revitalization in Rural America: Restoring Churches in America's Heartland

by Tom Cheyney, John Kimball, Jim Grant, Rob Hurtgen and, Chris Irving

The lasting solutions to rural America’s churches challenges will be found in rural America. The rural church in America in the twenty-first century must develop new relationships and new ways of doing things to ensure prosperous and socially healthy future. But we should not delude ourselves into thinking that the rural American church has so many unique issues. In fact, most of the challenges facing the rural American church today are often the same challenges for the declining rural, urban fringe, and extreme urban church seeking renewal and revitalization. 

Preaching toward church revitalization boo

Preaching Towards Church Revitalization and Renewal! Second Edition

by Tom Cheyney and Larry Wynn

While leading both church planting and church revitalization efforts, I found many more helpful resources for church planters than for leaders trying to turn a church around! This is especially true as it relates to messages designed to challenge and inspire churches in need of revitalization. Tom Cheyney and Larry Wynn have drawn from their passion and experience and given the church revitalizer a true gift in the pages of this book!Lee Kricher,Author, For a New Generation: A Practical Guide For Revitalizing Your Church Pastor New Generation ChurchPittsburg, PAThe impressive combination of Tom Cheyney and Larry Wynn have teamed up to address one of the most critical areas of Church Revitalization, that of preaching for revitalization. Both men have been working in the area of church planting and church revitalization for many years and have something very important to say in an area nearly bereft of coverage. If pastors are going to address church revitalization, it should begin with their most effective medium - their public proclamation. Cheyney and Wynn have produced an invaluable resource for revitalization leaders.Terry Rials,Church Revitalization Practioner & Leader of ChurchRevitalizer.comOklahoma City, OKIf I desire to read a "how to" book or a "help me" book, I want it to be written by a practitioner. That is exactly who Larry Wynn and Tom Cheyney are. They are leaders in their fields. Larry pastored one of the leading churches in America and he built it from scratch. Tom has led conferences and counseled many churches how to effectively revitalize a church. This is one book you do not want to tarry reading. Do it NOW!Jim Law,Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock Woodstock, Georgia.

Resuscitate: How to Breathe New Life into a Gasping Church

By George Thomasson


Resuscitate Book Cover By George Thomasson George Thomasson will show you how, as a church revitalizer, to lead yo ur gasping church toward a better future. In every declining or dying church, there are a series of limiting factors that cripple the church’s ability to advance. This book will allow you to clearly identify those limiting factors and help you find and implement solutions. RESUSCITATE is not a book on research but one of practical guidance. It will motivate and instruct you to lead your church from gasping to growing. It is not a one-shot book trying to handle the entire subject of revitalization and renewal. Dr. Thomasson writes from a hundred-foot level and not the usual fifty-thousand-foot level of most catch-all books in church revitalization. You will want to keep it beside your Bible and refer to it as you take your church on the journey to resuscitation.

Slaying the Dragons of Church Revitalization: Dealing with the Critical Issues that are Hurting Your Church

by Tom Cheyney

Why write a book on the critical issues facing churches that are in need of revitalization and renewal? It is not a surprise to most church members today that the church of the western hemisphere is in grave trouble. The new century presents some great and exciting challenges to the Christian Church. We are living in a day where seemingly everything around us is growing except us, the churches where we attend. Our last census showed us that America is growing. Our schools are full of children and youth. Even in our colleges and universities the attendance is on the rise. However, in one southern state our total church membership is down more than 22%, Sunday School attendance is down 24%, baptisms are down 28%, and the number of those joining the church by ways other than baptism is down 37% over the past fifteen years! I would say that now is the time for church revitalization and renewal! With the turn of the twenty-first century sustained growth within our churches is an intermittent exception while decline seems to be more of the pronouncement. The rank and file of our churches appears powerless to assemble the strength that is needed to get the church growing again. The need for training today’s minister with the tools and skill sets necessary to combat this rampant plateau and decline is crucial. 

The Church Revitalizer As Change Agent 

by Tom Cheyney

Making the necessary changes for the good of the local church often feels like you are taking three steps forward and two steps back. The uncertainty you will face as the change agent can be overwhelming. The church revitalizer operating as the change agent for the local church will feel the uncertainty that comes from moving a polarized church off of stuck and creating a new way of doing things for the betterment of the church one serves.

Practical Tools for Reinventing the Dying Church 2nd Edition

by Tom Cheyney

Practical Tools for Reinventing the Dying Church is crammed full of sage advice for reinventing the dying church! Tom Cheyney, Founder & Directional Leader of the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference and the Executive Editor of the Church Revitalizer magazine has gathered eighteen of the countries most experienced church revitalizers to join him in the assembling of this book. The time for revitalization and renewal is now. Sick and declining churches are all across America and within every denomination. The rank and file of our churches appears powerless to assemble the strength that is needed to get the church growing again. The need for training today’s minister with the tools and skill sets necessary to combat this rampant plateau and decline is crucial. It is time for a new challenge toward revitalization and there is a great need of an army of Church Revitalizers to work toward revitalizing our churches in North America. Learn from these practitioner’s skill sets and methodologies, which will help you, reinvent your dying church.

The Nuts and Bolts of Church RevitalizationJul 29, 2015 by Tom Cheyney and Terry RialsThe Nuts and Bolts of Church Revitalization

by Tom Cheyney and Terry Rials

HinderedDec 11, 2016 by Paul SmithHindered

by Paul Smith

The Joy of Jesus at Christmas: A 31-Day Devotional for December
by Joel Breidenbaugh

This book is a 31-day devotional for the Advent/Christmas season. It includes the following features: Bible passage, devotion with some biblical commentary, poem, application idea, song and prayer. With these various elements, readers are sure to find meaningful aspects of the Christmas season and the coming of Christ into the world.