Renovate  Boot Camp In A Box

The Renovate Boot Camp in a Box is especially designed for the local church desiring to bring home not only the wonderful experience of having attended the Renovate Boot Camp, but it also provides you with three years of additional training for you, your lay leaders as well as your church staff!

The Renovate Boot Camp in a Box includes: all seven books by Dr. Cheyney, the Turbo training DVD, 3 Years of the Church Revitalizer Magazine, Renovate Conference Breakouts, Boot Camp Audios and Presentations, a 3 Year Strategy for Revitalization, The Renovate One Day Trainings, and so much more!

Almost one thousand (1,000) resources right at your finger tips to assist you in revitalizing your church! All loaded on a 1 TB Hard Drive and delivered in the Boot Camp Lunch Box!

All this for only $450

Those who have attended this church critical boot camp, have said that it is even better than the ever growing Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference or the Regional Renovate Conferences! That is because you can take this Boot Camp in a Box and learn at your own pace and proceed as the Lord allows. Most other resources try to move you too far and too fast and the end result is a damaged church.  Learn from some of the best in the area of church revitalization and renewal. Take them home with you and draw upon their expertise as you find the fire for renewal in your church once more.

  • Renovate Boot Camp In A Box

    The Renovate Boot Camp in a Box is especially designed for the local church desiring to bring home not only the wonderful experience of having attended the Renovate Boot Camp, but …

Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp

If you are serious about seeing your church brought back to health and vitality then mark your calendar for the church revitalizers boot camps, which will take place in two locales in 2018. You can join us in Washington, DC; or Orlando, Florida. Make your selection today before your preferred locale fills up.

This comprehensive event is designed to equip church revitalizers for success in the field of revitalization and renewal. God is possibly stirring something within you a vision perhaps to start looking for the thing He wants to do in your life. A thing “that is immeasurably more than you can imagine!” Do you think it might have to do something with the revitalization of a local church?

The Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp Curriculum

An intensive training experience, the Church Revitalization Boot Camp Boot Camp covers major restart and renewal issues church revitalizer’s face during their first one thousand days of the revitalization process with ones church. Revitalizers receive the most benefit from Boot Camp instruction when attending as a team with their spouse, local coach if you have one and a few lay leaders, which will help you implement the needed strategies to begin renewal.

The Church Revitalization Boot Camp is an intensive three-day training experience that covers the major revitalization and renewal trainings necessary to impart the skill set necessary for you to become a successful church revitalizer. The Renovate Group has the vision of raising up an army of church revitalizers in North America to combat the rapid decline so many churches are facing today. With as high as 92% of the protestant churches in decline it is time to raise up this army and train this legion of leaders to bring health back to our churches.

The Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp Curriculum Sample

Day 1: Preparation for revitalizing your church

Afternoon and Evening Session

Orientation: Are you ready for the perfect storm?

Biblical Preparation: What are your foundations?

Planter Preparation: What do you have to develop to become an effective planter?

Emotional Preparation: What is your intentional living plan?

Apologetics Preparation: Why do you want to plant in this community?

Prayer Preparation: How will you mobilize spiritual resources for your plant?

Day 2: Turning your dreams of renewal into a strategic vision

Morning and Afternoon Session

Your Mission: What business are we in?

Your Core Values: What hills will you die on?

Your Context: What is the primary mosaic lifestyle of your ministry area?

Your Metrics: When will you be successful?

Your Model: What is your basic design?

Your Vision: Where is God calling you in the next three years?

Day 2: Renovates six proven gathering strategies to assist with renewal

Evening Session

Oikos Evangelism: How does the gospel spread virally?

Lay Evangelism: How will you train your people to share their story?

Servant Evangelism: How will you penetrate your community with the gospel?

Sneak Previews: How will you use sneak previews to gather a crowd?

Small Groups: How will you use small groups to grow your core?

Marketing: How will you create a buzz about your church?

Day 3: Disciple making is the baseline for effective refocusing

Morning Session

Process: How will you move people from lost to leader?

Evangelism: How will you win the lost to membership?

Discipleship: How will you build believers to maturity?

Lay Mobilization: How will you equip workers for ministry?

Leadership: How will you develop leaders for multiplication?

Reproduction: How will you extend the kingdom beyond your church?

Day 3: Leadership lessons from the trenches

Lunch and Early Afternoon Session

Growth: How will you manage the changes that come with growth?

Funding: How will you develop the resources for your dream?

Leadership: How will you develop a leadership system?

Worship: How will you keep the front door open?

Assimilation: How will you keep the back door closed?

Proposal: How will you put it all together?

Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your participation in the Renovate Boot Camp, we are not able to refund your registration fee. However, it is transferrable to another participant attending the same Boot Camp. Please notify us of the change. You are responsible for your own transportation, lodging and meals. There is no childcare available at the Boot Camps. Check back for schedule updates. Boot Camps are added as they become available.

Sample Additional Topics to be Covered Include But Not Limited to:

Networking Your Community

Revitalization Team Members You Need Right Now

Types of Activities You Must Have to Begin Drawing the Net

Managing Opposition and Sabotage 

Understanding Critical Mass: Why Numbers Matter

Qualifications of a Lead Church Revitalizer

What to Do in Your First 30/60/90/180/360 Days

How Will You Fund this Journey? 

During a typical Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp you can expect to develop your new mission, vision and values for the church revitalization effort you have envisioned. There is workshop time where the facilitators, who are experienced church revitalizers, are available to help you write out your dream for renewing your church.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that participants read The Nuts & Bolts of Church Revitalization by Tom Cheyney and Terry Rials before you attend a boot camp. NOTE: Details of this schedule are subject to change.

Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp Assessment

At the Boot Camp each Church Revitalizer will receive an assessment and training by top Church Revitalization practioners in North America and around the world. For those who desire the church will be matched with Renovate Virtual Coaching Network coach who will provide support in ministry during the Church Revitalization Journey. During the entire boot camp, the facilitators and speakers make themselves available to attendees over every break and workshop. When you leave our boot camp, you will have a developed a new mission and vision statement, a timeline for re-launching your church, and the contacts you need to be well prepared for your revitalization process. This is invaluable and essential training for your growth and experience as a church revitalizer! Church Revitalizer’s are encouraged to include key members of their revitalization teams in order to provide a common conceptual framework for the work they are undertaking. Instruction in the core concepts is interspersed with Team Exercises to allow revitalizers and teams to ‘flesh out’ how the principles will be translated into their setting. You will also come home with developed thoughts about your historical setting, revitalization plans, and renewal strategy. Church revitalization can change you, and change others for eternity.

What Others Say About the Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp

It took me ten years and two churches to learn on-the-job what is taught in three days of the Renovate Boot Camp!”

“The Renovate Groups Boot Camp gives you the tools, skill sets, vision map, outreach grid, and motivation to get out there, revitalize the church, and start touching the community with the gospel.”

“I came to the Boot Camp feeling over worked and overwhelmed. I found the answers I needed at the camp. The Renovate Church Revitalization Boot Camp brought all the ideas, designs, strategies and knowledge together in a far-reaching way that makes sense of the process and journey.”

“The greatest thought I walked away with during these tremendous three days was that it takes a minimal commitment of one thousand days to begin the process of renewal. I was like so many others trying to do everything in about six months and not giving the Lord time to move in the hearts of the people. Thanks Renovate Group!

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you”-Joshua 3:5.