Components that Encumber Church Revitalization Part IV

Number Four - A Church Closed to “Outsiders” and Visitors

If you have ever visited a church where you knew from the first moment you entered the facility that you were an outsider and were less than welcome, you know what I mean by this phrase! Many churches have never been taught how to be a visitor friendly church and the result is that most visitors feel a sense of coldness and anything but welcomed when they visit these churches. You take a church that desperately needs to be revitalized or renewed and often you will discover a church that has become unwelcoming to those who just might be part of the solution to revitalizing the work. One church we visited as a family in Atlanta some years ago was so locked up with only the rank and file that even our kids said to us when we finally got back into the car and began talking about our experiences, “That was the worse church we have ever been to Daddy!” What they meant by this was they were not even welcomed in the youth departments and that is usually the one place that everyone feels welcomed. Also today people who visit your church are not looking for a friendly church but a church where they can make friends! That is a big difference and most churches miss the point.

When a church essentially closes itself to outsiders it is hurting any potential of turning the church around! If you want to begin one of the little nudges towards revitalizing the church begin by leading your people to discover the importance of opening the church to outsiders and visitors.

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