Components that Encumber Church Revitalization Part V

Number Five – An “Us-es versus Them-ins” Attitude

Matriarchs and Patriarchs in churches easily can fall into an “Us-es versus
Them-ins” type of attitude. As a Patriarch you have guided and actively participated in the various functions of the church. As a Matriarch you have similarly invested in the life of the church usually by following the stronger desires of those serving as active patriarchs. When a church begins to get engaged in the process of church revitalization, often the very first groups of participants in the church who feel threatened are the Patriarchs and Matriarchs! It is often hard for people who have served diligently for many years to begin to include new people into the leadership decisions of a church. Part of this is that they feel new people are saying that what they did was not good or right and part of it is the insecurity that once you commence into the process of revitalization and begin dealing with all of the unknowns it is just hard for them to handle. Part of renewing any church usually includes widening the circle of influence and participation and a wise revitalization leader would do well to share that kindly, often, and without apology.

These are some of the components that encumber church revitalization. We will look at another eight more in an upcoming posts. If attention is not given to these areas it will hamper the possibilities of future success and renewal. Such impediments can halt your efforts for renewal and revitalization keeping the church from engaging in effective evangelism and healthy ministry.

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