Donate to help pastorsGetting Church Revitalization Resources to Those Who Cannot Afford It!

(Are you a Pastor of a Church who needs our books on church revitalization and renewal, but you really cannot afford them? Scroll down to find out how to get one for free.)

One of the challenges of a ministry like the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference is that many pastors of declining churches, who could benefit from the resources that The Renovate Group provides, cannot afford them.

That is why we offer so much on the website for free. Printed resources such as Books, CD Resource Kits, and Church Revitalization Turbo Training DVDs on the other hand, cost money to develop, write, print and ship. But the Renovate Group does not want anyone to be turned away from any resource because of a financial need. So here is our plan. Others have done this with shoes, back packs, and books also. If you want to help us help those pastors of the 144,000 declining churches all across the mainline denominations in North America, please click the donate button, below, to go to PayPal where you can donate any amount to help buy books for pastors of plateaued or declining churches who cannot afford such books and resources.

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