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engage church revitalization online courseUse coupon cod "ENGAGE49" to save $50 off the regular price of this online course. Click Here to register.

How you spend each single day as a church revitalizer is important if you are going to revitalizer one’s church. By grabbing this thirty-minute webinar you are telling me that your church is worth making a sacrifice in order to save your church! You also told me that you are ready to break free from the ministry drainers which bring little to nothing and finally gain the knowledge and leverage to revitalize your church. By clicking on this link, you just told me that you are no longer content with winging it or listening to a podcast that is high on fluff ad light on methodologies that will enable you to become the leader of church revitalization you are called to be. You are consumed with the idea of what God could do in your community if your church was turned around and back living a healthy existence. This is your opportunity to learn from the nations leading organization of the revitalization of churches. The Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferenceis the only multi-denominational organization that we assist you to bring about revitalization and renewal while avoiding all of the denominational hype that goes with most groups that have to pay homage to the corporate office.  This online course is designed as the beginning place for everyone needing to revitalize their church.

Our Lord loves the local New Testament Church and it is His desire to see it grow! The need for Church Revitalization has never been greater in North America! An estimated 340,000 Protestant churches in America have an average attendance of less than one hundred. Research data tells us that in the United States more than 80% of the churches have plateaued or are declining. Each and every week we are currently seeing somewhere between fifty and seventy-five local churches closing their doors and not opening them again. Everything that must be done in the area of church revitalization cannot be accomplished in a few hours on the Lord’s Day! Lyle Schaller reminds us that there are 85,000 evangelical churches in North America that are running fewer than 50 on Sunday.  Being aware of their “critical” condition, however, is not enough. They must become convinced that they need “major” surgical treatment. Changing the mindset of the residual membership can often be very difficult. Until the church is ready to make drastic changes though, it is useless to become involved. A startling phenomenon that exists in churches today is found when laity begin to depart this world, nothing is perceived as wrong with taking the church to the grave as well. That was never part of God’s plan for the very thing for which He gave up His life. This digital resource is designed to equip those who have not given up on their local church and want to do something significant once more. These five modules will help you get going as you begin to make plans and set priorities for renewal. How you spend each single day as a church revitalizer is important if you are going to revitalize one’s church. By purchasing and embracing this online course you are telling me that your church is worth making a sacrifice in order to save it! Don’t allow another day to go by without taking the initiative to get going and begin the process of revitalization.

Let’s face it most pastors have never been trained in how to revitalize a church. The day where most laity knew how to bring renewal has passed as well. What we are left with in the plateaued or dying church is a group of individuals which cannot achieve the desire health on their own and are in need of assistance right now. You do not have the luxury to wait any longer. That is what you and your church have been doing and now you are facing dire decline circumstances because of your failure to act.

Finally, the Renovate Group has developed an online course designed for those who cannot attend a national or regional conference on revitalization. It is called Engage, Why Today Really Matters as a Church Revitalizer: The Online Course for Everyone Needing to Revitalize their Church.This course offers both pastors and laity the tools to begin revitalizing one’s church. To begin with we have provide a more in-depth version of Why Today Matters as a Church Revitalizer. Then we provide you with the assumptions, which challenge the Church Revitalizer in bringing about change. Within any church, which is being revitalized, there are laity which act as changes agents along with their pastor and we share why that is important. Both the pastor and the laity committed to the revitalization of one’s church, become influencers towards church change. The course continues by training both pastor and laity how the Lord prepares you to be the agents of change in your church. Change is not an easy thing for sure and attention is given to why so many churches fear change and what you can do about it. The Module closes with a bonus resource designed to encourage you and the pastor or laymen who the Lord is using to bring about change.

Learn from the nations leading authority on church revitalization and renewal, Dr. Tom Cheyney.Others have labeled Tom as the Father of the Church Revitalization Movementbecause of his commitment to seeing the local church revitalized and not thrown away. He is the Founder and Directional Leader of the Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferenceas well as the Executive Editor of the Church Revitalizer magazine which is the only national magazine on the subject of church revitalization. Cheyney travels all across North America helping churches find new life through revitalization. He is the author of nine books on church revitalization and renewal and over five thousand digital resources for the local church. In a day where so many are saying close it up and walk away Dr. Cheyney is showing the local church how the Lord can save its ministry and climb to new heights and miraculous blessings.

Pastors and church leaders need to take actions daily that move the declining church towards revitalization. It will require that the rank and file of the remaining membership become committed to saving their church. When the pastor and lay leadership create a sense of urgency they alert the rest of the church that change must occur. The bad news is that the church is in trouble and it knows it but the good news is that if we will join together and take the necessary actions the chances for success is are strong. We are offering this incredible resource at a limited time prices so churches can begin to revitalizer their church. But this offer is for a limited time and will not be at such reduced pricing for very long. Order this online course today. You and your church will be glad you did.