Five Things to be relinquished in Church Revitalization Part III

3. Charter (Constitution stuff)

The churches charter (legal constitution & bylaws stuff) is another area that is hard for the existing church to let go of. Though it is not a document that is utilized daily there is still much difficulty for long time members to see the need to examine the documents and perhaps adjust items should there be a need. Adjustments to these “sacred” documents, is a “no no” in some churches. While it is not a sacred document many view them as such. There are churches that are hindered in their growth by what they thought was a good idea one hundred years ago! Examples such as no one can teach a Bible study class until they have been a church member for five years, might have been a good idea one hundred years ago, but now it is simply part of why your church cannot attract new prospects. Your charter documents might need to be updated and yet some will struggle in this area.

4. The reins of the Church

Long time members of a church, even one that is in rapid decline fine it hard to relinquish the reins of the church. Only a small percentage of churches in need of revitalization can do so at this point! If a church is going to be revitalized it must allow the new leadership to do things that will allow it to draw a new group of prospects.

If the church refuses to let someone else lead, it will make the eventual funeral of its members only a prequel to the eventual funeral of that local church. Within the western mindset there appears to be a dangerous and infectious thought that it is actually all right to allow God’s church to have a funeral just like its members. That is not why God plants and grows churches! HE wants them to thrive and not die. He wants life and to have it in abundance!

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