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Renowned Church Revitalization Guru Dr. Tom Cheyney and his Strategic Director of RenovateConference.org Mark Weible founded the Church Revitalizer magazine. The Church Revitalizer magazine was launched in November of 2014 at the annual Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference in Orlando. The CRM is like having a church revitalization retreat in every issue! It is designed to offer readers cutting edge articles on the issue of church revitalization and renewal while linking subscribers to exceptional resources designed to aid the local church. 

The CRM discovers church revitalizers from all evangelical denominations that are front liners carrying the Gospel through church renewal to communities in need of salvation. From the extreme urban landscape to the relaxed rural countryside, the Church Revitalizer Magazine brings you encouraging stories, just-in-time resources, and evangelistic strategies that are working in the field of church revitalization and renewal.  Revitalization practitioners offer a mixture of articles on church revitalization, realignment, refocusing, revisioning, renewal, reinvention, restoration, repotting, and restarting. Gain insights from the obstacles others have faced and the actions that enabled the church to make such a significant turnaround. Additionally, these real life insights from their struggles will open one's eyes towards the need of a long term investment in order to realize a church turnaround.