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All of the church revitalizers from the evangelical world together to share church revitalization ideas and insights on how God is renewing churches around the world!

Renowned Church Revitalization Guru Dr. Tom Cheyney and his Strategic Director of Mark Weible founded the Church Revitalizer magazine. The Church Revitalizer magazine was launched in November of 2014 at the annual Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference in Orlando. The CRM is like having a church revitalization retreat in every issue! The CRM is designed to offer its readers cutting edge articles on the issue of church revitalization and renewal while linking its subscribers to exceptional resources designed to aid the local church climb off of a plateau or declining church precipice. It is user friendly and is designed for both Apple or Google Play platform as well as the web.

The CRM discovers church revitalizers from all evangelical denominations that are front liners carrying the Gospel through church renewal to communities in need of salvation. From the extreme urban landscape to the relaxed rural countryside, the Church Revitalizer Magazine brings you encouraging stories, just-in-time resources, and evangelistic strategies that are working in the field of church revitalization and renewal.  Revitalization practitioners offer a mixture of articles on church revitalization, realignment, refocusing, revisioning, renewal, reinvention, restoration, repotting, and restarting insights from the obstacles others have faced and actions that enable the church to make such a significant turnaround. Additionally, these real life insights from their struggles will open one's eyes towards the need of a long term investment in order to realize a church turnaround. It is a magazine highlighting those who are doing the work of revitalization and renewal.

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Instinctively Collective

CRM is an iPad/iPhone and Android publication that delivers the most exciting content from the field of church revitalization and renewal around the world including dialogues with the people who are in the think of it, and how-to information that is unparalleled on the web and impossible in a print medium. As much as it is about the Church Revitalizers, it is also about connecting people. CRM is at the nexus of a sophisticated means of connecting Church Revitalizers, Pastors, Restart Planters, Field Missionaries, Conference Organizers, Publishers, and Sponsors in a new and innovative way.

How are Church Revitalizers connected?

Church Revitalizers are connected with the ability to not only read articles from those doing the same thing they are, but to personally contact the church renewal leader, authors and sponsors through the social networking features built into the Church Revitalizer magazine.

How are sponsors connected?

Sponsors demonstrating a new or continuing commitment to church revitalization and renewal incorporate CRM as part of their marketing strategy to increase their mindshare with church revitalizers, pastors and field missionaries, as well as other ministry professionals.

Sponsors can take advantage of a host of options with the ability to present videos with their ad, display graphical elements in the magazine, or simply display traditional-style advertisements enhanced with html or social networking features.

How are publishers/authors connected?

With the average pastor reading 20 ministry related books a year, publishers and authors with ministry oriented books are able to promote their titles to an eager audience. With the ability to add video with their ads, publishers and authors are able to add book trailers or video interviews with the author on their subject material.

Maximizing The Platform

With CRMs use of Tablets and Smartphones as the content delivery mechanism, advertisers and sponsors don’t face the same restrictions that paper publications present. Advertising in this medium presents a host of options and advantages for implementing a successful ad campaign.

• Video Streaming And Multimedia Advertisement Capability
• Embedded Links and HTML - Can link to content in other distribution channels and digital storefronts, can navigate anywhere on the web or embed live html functions
• Available Back Issue Library - A library of articles and videos that don’t lose relevance over time
• App Store Distribution - Worldwide market of over 155 countries
• Updatable Back Issues - Advertising can be changed retroactively which will be seen by those who restore their app, or are new subscribers downloading for the first time
• Also Available On The New iPad Mini® - The tablet poised to shatter sales records.

Why Advertise in CRM:

The Church Revitalizer Magazine seeks to partner with like-minded organizations and ministries that will benefit from connecting with our readership of church revitalizers, pastors and other ministry professionals. Becoming a sponsor of the Church Revitalizer Magazine is an excellent way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to church revitalization and to spreading the Gospel.

Why Become an Advertiser:

• As an organization you have a global outlook and share our passions of innovative technologies and church revitalization.
• You want to directly connect with new customers in the upscale iPad market and invest in the success of a company that shares your values.
• To show your target market that you are ahead of the curve in new media and embrace new and innovative ways of delivering content.
• You are looking for a vehicle to deploy multimedia marketing assets without facing the technological and distribution limits inherent in print publications.
• You are looking for a long lasting relationship with a company that has established a track record of continually producing a high quality product that subscribers are excited about.