• The Nuts and Bolts Package

The Nuts and Bolts Package

Virtual Conference

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This package includes...

Six Keynotes Every Pastor Must Listen To:

  • The Powerful Hand of God – Ron Smith 
  • Revitalizing the Stuck Church – Terry Rials 
  • Church Tramps and the Drifting Church – Tom Cheyne
  • The Roadmap for Change – Lee Kritcher 
  • The Church Revitalization Blueprint – Larry Wynn 
  • Revitalization Begins at the Altar – Tom Cheyney 

Breakouts to Launch Your Journey in Revitalization:

  • Beginning at the Beginning – Jim Grant 
  • The Foundation of Biblical Revitalization – Mike Atherton 
  • The Spiritual Mechanics of Church Revitalization – Terry Rials 
  • The Seven Pillars of church Revitalization and Renewal – Tom Cheyney/ Ron Smith 
  • Developing of Your Church Revitalization Assistance Team - Tom Cheyney/ Ron Smith 
  • Diagnosing the Dying Church – Steve Sells  
  • Revitalization in the Small to Medium Size Church – John Bailey 

Included is a Digital Download of:

The Nuts & Bolts of Church Revitalization By Tom Cheyney & Terry Rials

Thirty- Eight Church Revitalization Models for the Twenty-First Century By Tom Cheyney