• Why Many Churches Just Might Treat Their Next Pastor Better

Why Many Churches Just Might Treat Their Next Pastor Better


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It is interesting in an era where church planting is so incredibly popular and ministers are choosing to plant a church over pastoring an existing church that we church members do not strive to treat our current pastor better! This is not an article on compensation, but on compassion and caring of the one who feeds the flock and why it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover a pastor once your church has had a pastor leave. In the coming years there will be a growing challenge of a declining pastor pool while the planter pool keeps growing. Realistically it is a cycle certainly and I remember about 20 years ago just how hard it was to find someone wanting to plant a new church. Everyone wanted to pastor one that was already launched and prayed hard that God would allow him to become a pastor of a church already in existence once they graduated from Seminary or Bible School. The humorous remark voiced by many younger ministers going into churches over planting was that a church planter was one who did not have a ministry assignment four weeks after graduation.

Times have changed and church planting is for many ministers the viable option and the raising opportunity for many clergy. Considering the state of the church in North America more and more ministers leaving seminary are opting to plant over going into a church that is struggling to discover who it is for the future. There is coming an increasing pastor shortage to fill the pulpits of existing churches. It is anticipated