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How you spend each single day as a church revitalizer is important if you are going to revitalizer one’s church. By grabbing this thirty-minute webinar you are telling me that your church is worth making a sacrifice in order to save your church! You also told me that you are ready to break free from the ministry drainers which bring little to nothing and finally gain the knowledge and leverage to revitalize your church. By clicking on this link, you just told me that you are no longer content with winging it or listening to a podcast that is high on fluff ad light on methodologies that will enable you to become the leader of church revitalization you are called to be. You are consumed with the idea of what God could do in your community if your church was turned around and back living a healthy existence. This is your opportunity to learn from the nations leading organization of the revitalization of churches. The Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferenceis the only multi-denominational organization that we assist you to bring about revitalization and renewal while avoiding all of the denominational hype that goes with most groups that have to pay homage to the corporate office.  This online course is designed as the beginning place for everyone needing to revitalize their church.

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Use coupon cod "ENGAGE49" to save $50 off the regular price of this online course. Click Here to register.

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