Main Sessions

Tuesday Morning (Chapel)

Matt QueenMatt Queen – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Tuesday Afternoon

Jason BrittJason Britt – Bethlehem Church in Bethlehem Georgia

ron smith

Ron Smith – Waterstone Church in Longwood Florida

Wednesday Morning

terry rials

Terry Rials – Founder

kenneth priestKenneth Priest – Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

Wednesday Afternoon

 Matt Henslee – Pastor Mayhill Baptist 

tom cheyneyTom Cheyney – Founder & Directional Leader Renovate Group

Thursday Morning (Chapel)

adam greenway Adam Greenway – President Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 

Breakout Leaders

steve smithSteve Smith – Church Equippers (Author of Church GameChangers: Five Essentials for Revitalization)

Triage for the Stuck Church: When your church is stuck, you should want to know why. Triage is a way to rapidly examine the health of five key ministry systems that usually are not working in stuck churches. This will not only give you clarity of what’s wrong, but also a clear pathway to follow for church revitalization.

Dealing with Unfinished Spiritual Business: Change brings conflict. Conflict exposes the heart. This session will expose you to how to address the spiritual brokenness in both the church and people’s lives so that the enemy will not be able to exploit their unfinished business and destroy the revitalization process.

GameChangers: The Hidden Foundational Issues of Revitalization: There is a difference between addressing the symptoms versus addressing the issues actually produce revitalization. Here are five game changers that actually lay the foundation for revitalization.

How to Make and Retain More Disciples: If you do not know why your church’s backdoor is as big as your front door, this seminar is especially for you. You will learn how to adjust your ministry systems so your congregation can engage the lost intentionally and help retain those who enter your front door.

Matt Henslee – Pastor Mayhill Baptist

tom cheyneyTom Cheyney – Founder & Directional Leader Renovate Group (Author of 15 books on Church Revitalization)

kenneth priestKenneth Priest – Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (Author of Rubicon’s of Revitalization: Overcoming 8 Common Barriers to Church Renewal & others)

matt queenMatt Queen – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

mark weibleMark Weible – Strategic Director for the Renovate Group (Author of Fishing on the Other Side: Being the Church in the Digital Age)

Steve Holt Tennessee Baptist ConventionSteve Holt - Church Services Director for Tennessee Baptist Mission Board

Your first 120 days in revitalization: Mark Twain said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” The first 120 days in your revitalization journey are the most critical in determining your future success. This workshop will identify the key components necessary to get your church moving in the right direction.

Ron SmithRon Smith - Lead Pastor Waterstone Church in Longwood, Florida 

Preaching for Change: The power of preaching in the role in revitalization is paramount. Dr. Roy Fish once called Ron "one the greatest preachers in the Southern Baptist Convention." This not a “how to” preach or a “what to” preach session, this is a “power of” preaching session. You will learn the power of planning your sermons, the power of building with your words and the powerful hand of God in the pulpit.

How To Make A GRAND Entrance: Start right where you are right now! Come learn the successful keys to diagnosing the church, developing a strategy and creating a one year Ministry Action Plan of growth. This seminar is where you start the process. This is a proven strategy learned under Dr. WA Criswell and Adrian Rogers.

8 Steps That Breakthrough All Barriers: Learn how to think INSIDE the box - discover the two questions that every pastor should be able to answer, and learn the 8 steps that breakthrough any church…no matter the size, culture or location of your church. A proven system that has helped hundreds of Pastors.

How To Lead with Anticipation While Filled With Anxiety: Have you ever been so excited about the future and then walks in the critic? Come learn and discuss how to overcome the negative voices that hinder the hope and excitement of growth. Come learn how to cast vision and remain focused during difficult times. This has been a nationwide requested breakout. It’s a time of encouragement and support. You will walk away resourced and encouraged.

Jim GrantJim Grant - Executive Director Galveston Baptist Association

Beginning at the Beginning: The basics of the “who” in church revitalization; emphasis is on the leadership skills and spiritual condition and readiness for embarking on a revitalization project. It will give information about expectations and self-assessment of the revitalizer by answering three questions: Does my church need to be revitalized; what is the real problem? Am I the person best qualified to lead the work of revitalization? What is the work that needs to be done for the church to be revitalized?

Spiritual Dynamics of Church Revitalization: Investigates and analyzes the spiritual aspect of Church Revitalization by looking at the model given in the book of Judges. Revitalization is more that Structure changes, the Church is a spiritual organism, thus it must be approached and analyzed in Church Revitalization as such. Not a program or a process, but a Spiritual Problem.

Seasons of Church Revitalization Implementation: Looks at the various stages of Church Revitalization and when they can or should be implemented in the life of the Church. Topics such as Restart, Replant, and Legacy will be addressed.