Things Every Church Revitalizer Should Do in the New Year! Part V

Become Less Isolated and Be More Integrated with Your Volunteers

Church Revitalizers work towards increasing collaboration with volunteers. Successful revitalizers know that their success is highly dependent upon collaboration with others. They know they must always improve their ability to mentor, inspire and motivate others. Church renewal and teamwork is recognizing that leadership success comes most to those who are surrounded by people who want their success to continue. Strive to create an environment where everyone has each other’s back. Lack of this ingredient makes the chance for successful revitalization very low. If you as a pastor are a leader who has made the decision to go at it alone, this is often a no-win situation for everyone involved. It is through increased collaboration that church revitalizers get the opportunity to know and engage with their volunteers well enough to detect and enable their talent potential.

Investigate the Internet and Social Media

The latest study indicates the average American family watches TV and surfs the Internet an average of 10 hours each day. Compared to your time in the pulpit of a couple of hours each week, who has the most influence? Unless pastors and ministry leaders learn the power of the Internet and social media and how to use it effectively, we will continue our churches not so slow slide into extinction. Discuss movies and TV programs with your congregation, and teach them how to properly prioritize the Internet and social media. And think more about your Internet social media outreach where even the smallest church can create an effective Web site. The battle for influence in your congregation’s life has begun, and you had better get into the fight.

Begin Something Highly Significant for Your Personal Ministry

I talk to ministers and pastors all the time. Many share with me of something big they want to do and achieve. I am often compelled to ask of their dream its status only to find that nothing besides a thought has been accomplished. Stop dreaming and start producing. Begin right now the endeavor you have always dreamed of beginning. Tic Tock - stop watching the clock because the clock is ticking, and you are not getting any younger. Some preachers have a book they want to write, but lack the commitment and discipline (yes writing is a discipline) to get moving. How about that ministry you have wanted to create? What is keeping you from accomplishing that dream? Stop dreaming and start doing. There is no better time than now.

Dr. Tom Cheyney GOBAYou can connect with Dr. Tom Cheyney and the RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network additionally via Facebook at RENOVATE Conference. Tom is the co-author of Spin-Off Churches (B&H Publishers), a conference speaker and a frequent writer on church planting, new church health, and church revitalization. Be looking for The Biblical Foundations for Church Revitalization by Tom Cheyney and Terry Rials later this year. If you or your church would like more information about how to be considered for the next series of RENOVATE Church Revitalization Coaching Network Applicants you may contact him at, or

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