Things You Ought to Know Graduating from a Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry Degree in #ChurchRevitalization

As a doctoral student your journey into the field of church revitalization and renewal begins by the acquiring of strategic skill sets necessary for working in revitalization and renewal. The goal within these laser focused seminars is to provide the student with not less than 50 newly acquired skill sets per each seminar for a total of more than 150 necessary tools which could be utilized as a revitalization leader, facilitator, and consultant in revitalization. Coupled with the books, audio/video resources, websites, and periodicals students will be required to read or review throughout the program, this is without a doubt the most comprehensive training in church revitalization available to the serious practioner and student. Rub shoulders with the leading voices for revitalization throughout your academic journey, walk with those who are helping revitalize churches all across the world, and realize that you are not just getting a degree but are growing into a key leader of church revitalization and renewal. Find your voice, follow your spiritual yearning to assist churches, and become a force for church revitalization and renewal. If you are considering a D.Min. in Church Revitalization Degree from any seminary here are the things you should expect to learn if you are going to be prepared for the work you have a degree confirmed:

  1. America and the Need for Church Revitalization 
  2. The Biblical Basics for Church Revitalization 
  3. The Ministry of Prayer in Church Revitalization! 
  4. Why Prayerlessness is Hurting the American Church
  5. Understanding Your Churches “Ground Zero”! 
  6. The Emergence of a Single Solitary Leader for Revitalization
  7. Lessons Learned the Hard Way in Church Renewal 
  8. The Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization and Renewal
  9. The Nudge List in Church Revitalization
  10. How to Find Prayer Intercessors for Renewal
  11. The Glass Ceiling in Revitalization
  12. Leadership Characteristics that Bring Stagnation and Decline to the Local Church
  13. Myths that are Just that in Church Revitalization! 
  14. Qualities of a Church Revitalization Leader! 
  15. Stuck in the 70’s with No Place to Grow! 
  16. Factors that Bring Stagnation and Decline to the Local Church
  17. The Leadership Role of a Revitalization Pastor 
  18. Skill Sets Needed for Pastors in Church Revitalization Efforts 
  19. Evangelism Approaches in Church Revitalization 
  20. Twelve Initial Church Revitalization Strategies
  21. The Biblical and Theological) Foundation for Church Revitalization. 
  22. Practical Steps for Leading a Church Off the Plateau 
  23. Determine the Composition of the Church Revitalization Assistance Team 
  24. Igniting the Process of Change and Church Renewal! 
  25. Ten Revitalization Strategies for the Local Church: A Basic Model 
  26. Outreach Strategies Used in Church Renewal 
  27. Factors that Impede Church Revitalization 
  28. The Fly and the Fly Paper: How a Church Gets Unstuck 
  29. Breaking the 75 Barrier in Church Revitalization 
  30. Breaking the 125 Barrier in Church Revitalization 
  31. Stretching Over 200 in Church Revitalization 
  32. Climbing Past 400 in Church Revitalization 
  33. Breaking the 800 Barrier in Church Revitalization 
  34. Ten Biblical Keys to Church Revitalization 
  35. Eight Refocusing Question That Must Be Considered 
  36. Core Commitments of a Refocusing Leader 
  37. To Dream a Realistic Dream Again!
  38. Get Your “Vital-mins”: A Sick Church Just Will Not Grow
  39. The Ten Stages of a Churches Life!
  40. A Congregations Change Quotient
  41. The Church Health Profile (Pre-Assessment Tool)
  42. Skills Needed to Cross Revitalization Growth Barriers
  43. Developing a Church Revitalization Ministry Plan
  44. Steps to Developing a Prayer Ministry for Your Church 
  45. Four Barriers that Hinder Revitalization
  46. Vision Casting in a Restart or Refocusing Launch
  47. When a Restart Strategy is Your Only HOPE in Church Revitalization!
  48. The Desired Outcomes of Church Re- Focusing
  49. What it Takes to Get Unstuck!
  50. Hope: A Church Revitalizer’s Best Friend! 
  51. Assessing Your Own Leadership Skills
  52. The Velcro Church: How to Help New Adherents Adhere Here!
  53. The Teflon Church: Why Do Members Slide Right Out of Some Churches? 
  54. The Cost of Church Revitalization!
  55. Building Relationships in Church Revitalization
  56. Slaying the Dragons of Church Revitalization: Dealing with the Critical Issues that   are Hurting Your Church!
  57. Meaner than a Junk Yard Dog: Why it is Better to Enjoy Life and Your Family Rather than Be Held Hostage by a "Mean" Church! 
  58. Developing the Commitment of the Laity to Stay in Renewal: How to Become Part of Saving Your Church!
  59. Low Morale the Single Greatest Challenge Which Can Hobble Any Church: Raising the Morale of the People of God
  60. Reclaiming Inactive Church Members Utilizing the R.E.C.L.A.I.M. Strategy: The One Task to Not Be Eluded!
  61. Shaking Up the Status Quo: Why the Younger Generation Will Not Stand for the Tame and Traditional Church!
  62. Rebuilding a Great Team for Church Renewal
  63. Steps to Turn Around the Plateaued Church
  64. Survival Approaches in a Diminishing Community 
  65. Profile of a Church Revitalization Leader
  66. Turnaround Efforts Work Best When... 
  67. Kicking It Up a Notch! Why Boldness is Necessary in Revitalization 
  68. Building Castles, Museums or Mission Frontiers! Learning to Think Frontier Over Fortress 
  69. Debunking the Excuses for Procrastinating in Revitalization 
  70. Timely Decisions in Church Revitalization
  71. The Top 15 Mistakes of Church Revitalization Pastors
  72. The Need for Personal Renewal in Church Revitalization
  73. Formula for Developing Critical Mass in Church Revitalization 
  74. Stumbling Blocks to Revitalization
  75. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  76. What Will Church Revitalization Look Like? 
  77. Funding Your Revitalization Vision
  78. The Church Revitalizer’s Plan for Personal Growth
  79. Avoiding the “Zero – Sum” Game as a Revitalization Leader
  80. Closing the Back Door to Assimilation
  81. Churches that Can Not Keep Prospects & Members
  82. Churches that Can Keep Prospects & Members
  83. Understanding the Assimilation Zones for Renewal
  84. Ten Critical Mistakes Ineffective Leadership Teams Make 
  85. Reasons Staff Are Hired in Smaller Churches 
  86. Dealing with Criticism as a Leader 
  87. Generating Buy-In as A Revitalization Pastor
  88. Going to Additional Services in Your Church Renewal Effort: Doubling, Tripling or Quadrupling Your Churches Potential 
  89. Structuring Your Church to Grow and Not Plateau
  90. Handling Stress in Your Ministry: That which you created and that which you did not! 
  91. Trusting Your Intuitive Instincts as the Revitalization Leader 
  92. Planning the First 100 Days as the New Revitalization Pastor 
  93. A Profile of a Church Pastor in Trouble 
  94. Six Tactical Mistakes Declining Churches Make 
  95. Little Things Mean a Lot in Church Revitalization 
  96. Remaining the Spiritual Leader of the Flock You Shepherd 
  97. Rocking Around the Clock for Your Christmas Eve Services: Don’t miss this Strategic Day for Evangelism! 
  98. Stop Coasting and Start Challenging Your Church!
  99. Dealing with Depression in Your Ministry 
  100. Eliminate the Distance Between You and Those Who Disagree with You 
  101. Leading During Hard Times Without Fallout

  102. Seven Types of Influencers within Your Church!
  103. Ten Characteristics of an Effective Revitalization Team
  104. How to Manage the Conflict that Will Surface During Church Revitalization 
  105. Four Steps to Problem Solving in Church Renewal
  106. Seven Tips in Working with Church Powerbrokers
  107. Five Fears Church Revitalization Pastors Must Overcome
  108. Why Vision Fatigue Can Stall Your Church! 
  109. The Foundations for Decline in Urban Churches 
  110. The Differences Between Growing Verses Dying Churches! 
  111. The Role of the Evangelist in Church Revitalization
  112. Five Fatal Flaws of Feeble Leaders 
  113. Cashing in on Your KASH: How to Recognize When It’s Time to GO! 
  114. Slip Sliding Away: Closing the Back Door to Assimilation
  115. The Super Glue Church: How to Help New Believer’s Stick Here!
  116. The Greasy Church: Why Do Members Slide Right Out of Some Churches? 
  117. Significant Signs of a Healthy Revitalization Pastor
  118. Are You Building Scaffolding or Foundations in Church Revitalization? 
  119. Three Things That Will Not Revitalize a Church! 
  120. Bonding to the Churches Past Glories in Revitalization! 
  121. Call the Church to Repentance and Set a Moving Forward from Here Date! 
  122. The Ministry of the Word in Church Revitalization! 
  123. Components that Encumber Church Revitalization 
  124. Three Types of Pastors in Church Revitalization 
  125. Equipping in the Smaller Church Revitalization Plan 
  126. Nine Survival Skills for Church Revitalization Leaders
  127. Self-Destructive Leaders Will Hurt Your Church!
  128. Nine Ways to Create Momentum for Church Revitalization
  129. Why Some Larger Churches Don't Grow?
  130. Why Some Smaller Churches Don't Grow?
  131. The Church Revitalization Church Satisfaction Curve
  132. Twenty-Five Ways the Laity Can Develop Any Church
  133. The Church Revitalizer as Change Agent 
  134. The Nuts and Bolts of Church Revitalization
  135. Preaching Towards Church Revitalization & Renewal
  136. E.N.G.A.G.E.: Why Today Really Matters as a Church Revitalizer?
  137. Elements Most Critical for a Church to Turn Around!
  138. Fast Facts for Busy Pastors: Why do we need revitalization?
  139. Statistical Realities Concerning Church Revitalization!
  140. Overcoming Obstacles in Church Revitalization
  141. Renewing Vintage Churches Older than 40, They Need a Plan to Stay Fit!
  142. Practical Tools for Re-Inventing the Dying Church
  143. Battling Leadership Blind Spots
  144. Change Happens! We Cannot Escape It!
  145. Dealing with Abusive Laity in the Church
  146. Dealing with Generational Separation in Church
  147. Developing a Male Friendly Church: Time to Man Up!
  148. Revitalization Growth in a No Growth Town
  149. How God Prepares a Church Revitalizer to Become a Change Agent
  150. How to Have Revival in a Declining Church: Overcoming Decay in Our Churches
  151. The Real Numbers that Matter in Church Renewal
  152. The Dangers of Steeple Jacking in Church Revitalization
  153. The Passive Aggressive Declining Church
  154. Why a Good Ole Church Fight Breaks the Heart of God!
  155. Some Habits That You Need to Ditch as a Church Revitalizer
  156. Igniting the Process of Change and Church Renewal! 
  157. The Congregation Lifestyle Cycle
  158. Surviving Clergy Burnout!
  159. Lessons from a Lousy Church Revitalization Leader! 
  160. Assessing the Church for Revitalization Potential
  161. Assessing the Pastor Leaders for Revitalization Success

The goal of seeking an advance degree within the field of church revitalization and renewal is to develop the capacity to work productively in the field as one assists churches for the task. Assessment, analysis, advancement, and application of strategic plans which can bring about both short-term and long-term renewal for individual churches, is a prerequisite for successful achievement of degree confirmation. Doctoral students will develop, through their academic journey, a series of tools, assessments, and methodologies which will serve them as a leader in the field of revitalization for a long time. Do not seek a mere degree, seek significance for the Kingdom in the renewing of plateaued and declining churches. The desire for our students is for them to become a strategic voice and practioner in the church revitalization arena. 




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