Three Features of Every Achieving Church Revitalization Staff

Like many successful sports teams good church revitalization teams have the same features. Take a look at the three characteristics that will help you build a strong church revitalization team.

They display the ability to stick together as a cohesive element.

These revitalization teams are able to stick it through without turning against one another. Their egos are in check and they are all willing to work together towards the great cause of revitalizing of a dying church. While weak members of the laity who are against the renewal efforts will try to split these team members apart, because they work hard at their team cohesiveness they will not be separated or derailed from their chief goal of church revitalization.

Using teamwork to maximize individual strengths and minimize their weakness.

As the church revitalizer working towards developing a high morale within the revitalization team will serve the church well. Regardless of the external factors you are facing, there is still a group feeling of wellbeing and mutual support. Not being blindsided by fellow staff is an important part of the staff chemistry. Once the Church Revitalizer knows that the members of ones revitalization team are focused on contributing to its benefits over their own individual benefits or desires, you will not need to ask if your church has a high morale. You will be able to see it with your own eyes.

Keep an atmosphere of prayer within each staff meeting as you pray for one another.

When a staff becomes a praying staff it elevates the work of the ministry for revitalization. As the Church Revitalizer as your prayers cover the staff and demonstrates your spiritual journey, you challenge each other to keep all of the revitalization efforts bathed in prayer. By holding each other accountable you demonstrate spiritual leadership while excluding the temptation to become managers and mere men of programs over spiritual leaders.

Let fellow church revitalizers participate in the creation and ownership of ideas, goals and objectives for the transformation of the church.

Take the journey together towards church revitalization by allowing the team you have built to be part of the creative process of renewal. Their ideas, dreams, visions, and goals are just as valuable as your own. Many Church Revitalizers hurt their revitalization efforts by trying to keep everything a secret. Their “M.O.” is that knowledge is power only hurts the overall effort because it is built around a select few who have the complete information. An aire of arrogance can begin to set in and that well destroy the effort towards bring everyone along in the journey of revitalization. Statistics demonstrate that many of the declining churches are loosing members at alarming rates. In other churches, which are healthy, they might get away with the elect few knowing everything for a while. In those churches, if it were not for the front door visitors entering on a weekly pattern, they also would not be able to keep their head above water. But in dying churches many seem so unconcerned about the weekly exodus that it is alarming. Keep everyone up to speed with what your are doing and the things your are trying.

Be cheerful in everything you do!

Ministry ought to be full of joy. If you are not able to demonstrate joy in your work for the Lord, find out what it is that is keeping you from displaying a cheerful attitude. A merry heart doeth good like medicine, the scripture says.

Lead your church and your staff by personal example whenever possible. 

Examples are worthy of ones following while words sometimes fall short. One of the best lessons one can learn about ministry is that God’s people respond to leadership that is hands on and experiential. On the other side of the coin, Post-modern people find the staff pastors that are aloof as well as rather “starchy”, are hard to get next to and therefore impossible to follow because their personal examples are few and far apart.

Focus on what you can contribute to the entire team, not on personal gain. Encourage everyone on your ministry team to do the same.

Everyone on the team has a skill set to offer. Work within your sweet spot and contribute each and every day as much as you are able. Think team always and personal gain seldom. Model a willingness to be team and live team so others will be comfortable with you and the work of ministry. There is joy in ministry, never forget it. Brainstorm together often because that is where the great ideas come from the many ideas surfacing. Model encouragement to even the lowest individual on your staff. Teach, live, and dream team.

Build mutual confidence by demonstrating genuine concern for those you are responsible for as their leader. 

Take the time to be concerned with the lives your staff is leading. Be concerned and involved in their lives. Display that you have their back and build trust. Staff needs to know you are truthful and trustworthy. Staff Sabotage is not a practice of a team trying to grow a church and bring about renewed health.

Know what is going on and take action to capitalize on God’s leading. 


You need to know what is going on at a church and get your head out of the sand. Often church members know what is going on and the staff appears to be the last ones that know. Learn to capitalize on the leading of the Father.

Maintain high personal integrity. 

Keep your personal integrity unspotted and strong. Let your yes be yes to your staff and your no be your no. Model this strength to your staff and they will model it to their leaders as well.

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