Ways the Pastor and Staff Can Kill Church Renewal

This is a sequel to my previous blog on Ways the Laity Can Kill a Church and is the opposite side of the coin when it comes to revitalizing declining churches. In the earlier blog I shared twenty or more ways the laity could kill a church. It is only fair to present one reflecting on ways the clergy can kill a church revitalization effort.
  • Act like the ministry is more about them as an individual than the community they serve.
  • Divert resources from key ministries and place them in pet projects of the pastors liking and control.
  • Fail to display God’s love during the challenging times of ministry.
  • When traveling on ministry business stretch the purpose in order to include a quick vacation at the churches expense.
  • Cancel ministry programs during the summer months so you have a more relaxed schedule.
  • Be unwilling to be accountable to any other leader group within the church.
  • Be more interested in meeting the press than meeting your people.
  • Treat your present members like temporary scaffolding until you build a great church with more committed members.
  • Hold decision making so closely that even the rest of the staff is unsure about direction and future.
  • Fail to have your boots on the ground and only receive reports from the rest of the staff.
  • Berate staff unmercifully in private and praise them excessively as a key player in public.
  • Send staff on luxurious trips ion order to secure their loyalty for your future plans.
  • Do very little relational connecting with the general participant within the church.
  • Work hard at finding the next church to serve over growing your present one.
  • Allow staff to be inattentive from worship services, which displays disconnect to laity in regards to public worship.
  • Fail to bring all ministries together into one cohesive vision and focus and allowing staff to do their own thing.
  • Be absent from the pulpit during high visitor flow days.
  • Fail to set clear vision and purpose.
  • Display little interest in equipping the flock for the work of the ministry.
  • De-emphasize the need for developing lay leaders within the church.
  • Never lead someone to Jesus.
  • Seldom lead your deacons or elders just appease them.
  • Cancel a regular routine of outreach and visitation.
  • Place higher emphasis on the churches demonstration of appreciation for you than the Lord’s provision for one's daily needs.
  • Never ask the Lord first and the people second for any guidance and counsel.

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