When a Church Restart Strategy is Your Only HOPE in Church Revitalization Part VII

What Kind of Church is a Good Candidate for a Revitalization Using the Restart Strategy?

There are some churches with a better chance of living again through a restart.  Five types are most often found:

*The Church has no debt and few bills

*The Church still in in a strategic location for a work

*The Church if it is not the first two you might want to sell property and use the money through the local association to fund a new church plant.

*The Church if it sells the building you might offer it at a reduced rate to a new church plant so both sides win and Jesus is honored.

*The Church might be used for a new group of people previously not ministered too.

Final Church Revitalization Restart Observations

The desire to see the church grow once again is not the main reason churches seek assistance in church renewal! The main reason is that they fear the church is dying, near death, or the members have waited too long to do something about it! A reduction in the church’s ability to offer ministries usually prompts its desire for a church revitalization restart. The desire to avoid the deathblow of a church compels many congregations to consider church revitalization efforts! Yet, most laity find it hard to allow someone to assist them and reveal the very things that caused their decline.

Next week, I will share a church revitalization lesson. 

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